The tools don’t make the designer, but they do make the designer’s life easier

tianyi-ma-1066731-unsplash (1)
Photo of a laptop glowing by Tianyi Ma on Unsplash

I was chatting with a couple friends tonight on Twitter, and the subject of workspaces came up.

I used a stock photo of a desk in a post I published, and a friend thought it was mine. He posted a photo of his absolutely gorgeous desk noting how similar ours were. (Seriously though, his desk is goals.😍) Another friend commented and said he was working on an old PC on an Ikea table and would therefore not be posting a photo.

The convo got me thinking about a design I came across a couple years ago. An insanely talented designer couldn’t afford design software, but was so passionate about starting a career in design that he was creating his work in MS paint on an ancient PC. And his work was mind bogglingly incredible.

Then THAT got me thinking about the fact that there are unbelievably talented designers in 3rd world countries. They don’t design using software, they design improved ways to transport water safely. Design is a universal language—it knows no boundaries. Throughout history, designers have used whatever tools they’ve had available to create incredible experiences.

Technology is progressing at breakneck speed, and the tools available to screen designers are getting more advanced every day. Photoshop was the gold standard for ages, but it was a roadblock for so many talented designers who couldn’t afford the cost. They struggled to build out their portfolios because they didn’t have access. Comparing their portfolios to the portfolios of people who DID have access to Photoshop wasn’t fair. Who got the jobs? Historically it was the folks with the incredible Photoshop riddled portfolios.

Part of the reason I’m beyond ecstatic about InVision Studio being free for all users, is that people who have incredible talent and passion that couldn’t afford software previously, will now have free access to best in class software to showcase their talent and launch their careers. Financial standing will no longer impact accessibility to the design field. Passion, drive, and talent will be the forces that move design into the future.

I for one can’t wait to see where the next generation takes our industry.

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