Question: Should new features alter the current UX or go with it?

Q: Should new features alter the current UX or go with it? Ok, I’m going to give you my personal answer to this question I’m not speaking for InVision at all here. (Opinions are my own etc.) 🙂 So I think the first question is what is your definition of UX? It sounds like you’re... Continue Reading →


Startup Years = Dog Years

We were in a meeting recently and someone made a comment about startup years being like dog years. Definitely an accurate statement! If you analyze the progress made by a successful fast growth startup in sales & revenue, feature additions & product growth, and staffing additions, each year is often equivalent to about a decade... Continue Reading →

Are morning people made? 

I am a night owl. I always have been and may always be. My most creative energy tends to strike between 10pm and 2am. This also happens to correlate with the hours right after my kiddo falls asleep.  I have absolutely no idea how morning people function in life. Have you always been morning people?... Continue Reading →

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