Go UX Planet!

I just had a conversation on Twitter with Elena Schulte and Kayla J that absolutely had to have a corresponding doodle! Go UX Planet! 🙂


“Why do you love design?”

Tonight I was chatting with a friend, and he asked a question that comes up with my friends and family on a fairly regular basis: “Why do you love being a designer so much?” Normally I ramble off a long list of detailed reasons, most of which include design jargon and acronyms. This time I... Continue Reading →

UX Win: Amazon Fire HD Packaging

So my kiddo entered this international festival singing contest (record a song, send it to the festival selection committee, 16 finalists are picked, then they narrow it down to 3). She won 3rd place! I was mega pumped for her. What exactly does this have to do with UX? Today, an Amazon Fire HD magically... Continue Reading →

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