10 UX Tools I Couldn’t Live Without: Oct 2014 Version

SolidifyApp - Mega simple prototyping/click tracking tool for desktop and mobile usability testing. UXRecorder - Mobile usability testing app (Create a native prototype in SolidifyApp and run it through UXRecorder = Magical). Silverback App - Mac usability testing. Trello - Organize all the things. Skitch - Fab for UX reviews. Balsamiq - Best collaborative wire... Continue Reading →


You have a mobile native app! Great! But why?!

Brands I shop at very occasionally keep spamming me with their announcements about their new improved native phone apps. Some of them are actually kind of cool. SweetFrog has an app that contains games for kids, and a frequent shopper QR code. You pay, they scan your app's QR code and they give you credit... Continue Reading →

I didn't realize how fortunate I am to work at a company whose core focus is on UX, until I went to an awesome conference (ConvergeSE) and ran into a few UX pros who expressed frustration about a problem they were running into that completely blew my mind. In their organizations they were having issues... Continue Reading →

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