Epic Usability Fail: Pull! Open! But not this door, the other one.

So this is an actual thing that exists. Not only did they put push bars on a door you have to pull, they also put a pull sign on the door that doesn't open, with a sign that says open in all caps, but actually tells you to open the OTHER door. It's so severely... Continue Reading →


How to Build An Amazing In-House Product Design Team

 While conversing with some of my UX pro peers recently, I discovered that in-house design teams at software companies are extremely varied in make up. Some places have great team dynamics and others really don’t. At my company Schoolwires, we have a completely awesome Design & Innovation team with members that work incredibly well together, not only... Continue Reading →

I didn't realize how fortunate I am to work at a company whose core focus is on UX, until I went to an awesome conference (ConvergeSE) and ran into a few UX pros who expressed frustration about a problem they were running into that completely blew my mind. In their organizations they were having issues... Continue Reading →

Mobile UX: User Expectations Have Shifted

The New Smartphone User Welcome to the world of the "New Smartphone User". "Give me a break," you say. "There's no such thing as a "Smartphone" anymore. Practically all phones are smart. My 10 year old has an iPhone, and so does my great aunt." You're right. Everyone is jumping in on mobile. It's disruptive... Continue Reading →

Last night I discovered that TIME Magazine had added an intro tour screen for the sole purpose of explaining how to use their hamburger icon. It took me back to a presentation I attended at ConvergeSE a few weeks ago, during which Mark Boulton said something like, "If your faucet design requires an instruction guide,... Continue Reading →

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