Then my kiddo asked, “What’s the difference between UX & UI?”

The Difference Between UX and UI A year ago I was burning the midnight oil working on a project. My daughter snuck up behind me and peeked over my shoulder. “Wait… isn’t your job doing UX?” she asked. “Yep,” I replied. She responded very innocently, “So why does that screen say UI? Are they the... Continue Reading →


I Did My Taxes On My Phone This Year! TurboTax Mobile Site FTW!

So I kind of wish I could kiss every member of the TurboTax mobile design team. I did my 2015 taxes ON MY PHONE! And it was, *gasp*, FUN! When I say, "did my taxes," I'm not talking 1040EZ... I'm talking mortgage, student loan interest, kiddo deductions, stock, IRA etc. style taxes. It was unreal.... Continue Reading →

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