3 Reasons Tech Startups Need to Allow Telecommuting

Recently there’s been a lot of buzz around telecommuting. These are the top 3 reasons your startup should not pull a Yahoo:

1. You can’t pay as much as giant corporations for highly skilled employees.

Let’s face it. You are a start up, therefore you aren’t exactly swimming in billions. Remote work and flexible schedules are often more powerful perks than flashing dollar signs for those who place high value on work/life balance.

2. You aren’t located in Silicon Valley, so people with the skill sets you require are not local.

Telecommuting means literally a world of potential employees to choose from, versus picking 1 of the 3 under qualified locals who apply.

3. You want to keep your talent.

It’s not for everyone, but for those who value it, the option to work remotely can mean the difference between keeping a brilliant employee, and losing him or her to a larger corp with a benefits package that could eat yours as an appetizer.

To sum things up, as a startup, swearing off remote work for your employees is kind of the equivalent of blasting huge holes in your already half capsized boat of employee benefits. Until you can afford awesome salaries and killer benefits packages, it’s best to keep telecommuting and flexible schedules on the table.

Who knows, you may even get to steal some crazy amazing talent from the companies who are “putting a foot down” and shattering their culture and positive employee experiences in the process.