10 UX Tools I Couldn’t Live Without: Oct 2014 Version

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SolidifyApp – Mega simple prototyping/click tracking tool for desktop and mobile usability testing.

UXRecorder – Mobile usability testing app (Create a native prototype in SolidifyApp and run it through UXRecorder = Magical).

Silverback App – Mac usability testing.

Trello – Organize all the things.

Skitch – Fab for UX reviews.

Balsamiq – Best collaborative wire framing tool on the market.

TargetProcess – Track Design/Development/QA progress and burndown.

GoToMeeting – Design collaboration via video chat/recording sessions & screen sharing with Audio.

Google Analytics – Analyze how your clients are using your product, look for pain points, adjust UX accordingly.

InVisionApp – Hi res desktop and mobile prototyping.

Bonus Tool:

Spotify – Great music gets the creative juices flowing!

Prototyping in Minutes

Lately I’ve heard people talking quite a bit about prototyping. As it turns out “prototyping” means a giant array of things to various people.

For some, prototyping means tying a block of wood to your belt and pretending it’s a device (I’m looking at you Jeff Hawkins).

For others it means coming up with a concept and spending loads of time and money and dev man hours coding the entire thing to test it, only to discover afterward that it’s a no go.

Then there are the folks that just want to test a concept quick. They want to take a few minutes to create a clickable prototype without paying thousands to develop a fully coded version. For those folks who just want a quick and dirty prototype for usability testing, may I introduce SolidifyApp.

I absolutely LOVE it. It will save your company a huge amount of cash in potentially wasted dev hours, and it is incredibly easy to use. You don’t even have to know how to code. At all. (I’m serious.)

  1. To get started, you just insert a few mockups of your concept. They can be hi res fancy beautiful mockups, or they can be photos you took with your phone of a concept you drew on a napkin.
  2. After you import your graphics, just add hotspots to clickable areas. Adding hotspots is as easy as clicking and dragging and picking the page you want them to link to.
  3. Finally, split up your screens into specific tasks that you want to test, and you’re done. Copy the link, and you’ve got an instant usability test to send out to your testing community.

One of the coolest things about SolidifyApp, is that it even automatically records click tracking footage and gives you awesome stats like how long folks took on a particular screen, how long they took to finish any given task, the number of clicks it took them to get through it and it even automatically calculates the percentage of users who were able to complete the tasks successfully.

This is probably one of my favorite usability testing tools that’s out right now. And as a bonus, Zurb is just a generally cool company. They are incredibly fast at fixing any glitches that arise, and have a great support team. Also, they totally sent me a Christmas present last year after I did a round of beta. How fun is that. 🙂 And just to be clear, I’m not affiliated with Zurb in any way, I’m just a big fan of their product.

To sum things up, if you are in need of a quick prototyping solution (and by quick I mean mere minutes) that won’t break the bank, check out SolidifyApp.