Mobile Usability Testing Tools

So I recently started searching like a maniac trying to find some Mobile Usability Testing tools, and I had a heck of a time finding any resource lists! So I decided to put one together for anyone else who is searching in vain. 1. SolidifyApp So it’s no secret that I am a giant fan... Continue Reading →

UX and Design Tools That Will Improve Your Productivity

This is a list of some of my favorite UX, design and accessibility testing tools at the moment! I hope you find them useful! Tools for Collaboration Asana Balsamiq Basecamp ConceptShare Editorially GotoMeeting HipChat OmniGraffle Target Process Tools for Usability Testing Card Sort Analysis Spreadsheet Continue Reading →

Prototyping in Minutes

Lately I've heard people talking quite a bit about prototyping. As it turns out "prototyping" means a giant array of things to various people. For some, prototyping means tying a block of wood to your belt and pretending it's a device (I'm looking at you Jeff Hawkins). For others it means coming up with a... Continue Reading →

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