User Experience Rocks Is Live On Facebook!

So these are the things that I find incredibly exciting. My good friend and coworker Heather recently (and by recently I mean this morning) persuaded me to put a User Experience Rocks page up on Facebook so that when I post new articles, folks can see them immediately!

So if you were feeling all sad because you missed a few of my blog posts over the past few months, head on over and like User Experience Rocks on Facebook! I solemnly swear that I’ll post links to each new article I write on the official Facebook page too!

As an added bonus, when you like the page, I will instantly love you and send tons of happy warm fuzzy feelings your way! 🙂

Here’s the full link if you prefer to copy paste:

As always, thank you so so much for your continued support! I’m having an absolute blast putting these articles together, and I really appreciate all of the love the community has been sending my way! You folks are the best!