I didn't realize how fortunate I am to work at a company whose core focus is on UX, until I went to an awesome conference (ConvergeSE) and ran into a few UX pros who expressed frustration about a problem they were running into that completely blew my mind. In their organizations they were having issues... Continue Reading →

We've all been there right? You're conducting a usability test, and your tester is slamming the mouse around angrily until he or she FINALLY figures out how to complete the assigned task. Then, when asked to rate the task, the tester smiles politely and says it was "easy". It's obviously not true, but if you don't record... Continue Reading →

3 Unsubscribe UX Rules To Live By

Today I got the 9,347,598th notification email from a startup I was checking out a few months ago when they were in beta. I realized that their incessant emails were really starting to irritate me, and decided it was time to unsubscribe. I went to the email footer, and found something even more irritating. No... Continue Reading →

Top 15 UX and Design Tools of 2013

This is a list of my top 15 UX and design tools for 2013, listed in random order. These tools fit together to make my life simpler and better organized on a daily basis. They also, when used in combination, allow clear interdepartmental communication to take place which helps keep us agile! Solidify ¬†http://www.solidifyapp.com UXRecorder... Continue Reading →

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