Good Designers vs. Great Designers

We’ve all been there right? A client or stakeholder stomps in and tells you exactly what you need to make. If you’re new to the design biz, your knee jerk reaction may be to make it. On command. Immediately. The longer you spend in the design world, the more you realize that building on command... Continue Reading →

Uber Saved My Niece’s Life

Have you ever had one of those moments in life when your entire body and mind are overrun by sheer panic to the point you can barely breath? My niece came to visit this weekend. She’s a beautiful, kind hearted person who loves to travel. She had been road tripping her way all over the... Continue Reading →

Oh, so you’re not a REAL designer.

We have one of the most supportive, fantastic communities of all time. I love being part of it. I can’t even tell you how many social threads and forums I’ve seen completely blanketed by folks who have been in the biz for years helping answer questions and mentoring new designers. Our community is awesome. I... Continue Reading →

Mobile UX: User Expectations Have Shifted

The New Smartphone User Welcome to the world of the “New Smartphone User”. “Give me a break,” you say. “There’s no such thing as a “Smartphone” anymore. Practically all phones are smart. My 10 year old has an iPhone, and so does my great aunt.” You’re right. Everyone is jumping in on mobile. It’s disruptive... Continue Reading →

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