Top 11 UX & Design Tools of 2014

SolidifyApp – Mega simple prototyping/click tracking tool for desktop and mobile usability testing. UXRecorder – Mobile usability testing app (Create a native prototype in SolidifyApp and run it through UXRecorder = Fabulous). Silverback App – Mac usability testing. Slack – Completely streamline all of your team communications. It's kind of magical. Skitch – Fab for... Continue Reading →

I just had one of those extreme panic moments. I grabbed my morning cup of coffee, hit the power button on my Mac... and it spun and spun and spun and spun... and didn't boot. Thank goodness for Dropbox or I probably would have had a coronary on the spot. I legit felt like someone... Continue Reading →

Sharpie Addiction: The Struggle Is Real

I was just sitting in my office and picked up my purse and wondered why it was getting so heavy. I reached inside and pulled out a rainbow assortment of 11 (Yes, 11!) Sharpies. It was like a clown car situation, they just kept coming and coming. You know you're a designer when... #SharpieAddiction #TheStruggleIsReal

Top 15 UX and Design Tools of 2013

This is a list of my top 15 UX and design tools for 2013, listed in random order. These tools fit together to make my life simpler and better organized on a daily basis. They also, when used in combination, allow clear interdepartmental communication to take place which helps keep us agile! Solidify UXRecorder... Continue Reading →

InVision vs. Notable: Why We Love Both

A UX pro recently asked me which I prefer most for design collaboration, InVision or Notable by Zurb. The truth is I love them both, for very different reasons and we use both regularly in our Design and Innovation department. InVision is a tool that allows design collaboration and feedback on individual high res screens... Continue Reading →

Mobile Dev Tools to Get Your App Started

I just attended a fabulous tiConf session by Grant Shipley @gshipley, in which he outlined some great mobile dev tools to get your app up and running. Mobile Dev Tools Appcelerator Titanium Red Hat's Open Shift Strong Loop MongoDB Twilio

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