I just had one of those extreme panic moments. I grabbed my morning cup of coffee, hit the power button on my Mac... and it spun and spun and spun and spun... and didn't boot. Thank goodness for Dropbox or I probably would have had a coronary on the spot. I legit felt like someone... Continue Reading →

Sharpie Addiction: The Struggle Is Real

I was just sitting in my office and picked up my purse and wondered why it was getting so heavy. I reached inside and pulled out a rainbow assortment of 11 (Yes, 11!) Sharpies. It was like a clown car situation, they just kept coming and coming. You know you're a designer when... #SharpieAddiction #TheStruggleIsReal

We've all been there right? You're conducting a usability test, and your tester is slamming the mouse around angrily until he or she FINALLY figures out how to complete the assigned task. Then, when asked to rate the task, the tester smiles politely and says it was "easy". It's obviously not true, but if you don't record... Continue Reading →

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