I Did My Taxes On My Phone This Year! TurboTax Mobile Site FTW!

So I kind of wish I could kiss every member of the TurboTax mobile design team. I did my 2015 taxes ON MY PHONE! And it was, *gasp*, FUN! When I say, "did my taxes," I'm not talking 1040EZ... I'm talking mortgage, student loan interest, kiddo deductions, stock, IRA etc. style taxes. It was unreal.... Continue Reading →


How To Rock Your App Launch: 10 Quick Tips

Launching a new app can be a pretty daunting task. A good friend of mine recently developed and launched an app because she had wished for years that it would exist. It’s an app that allows wrestlers, parents and coaches to track wrestling scores, matches and opponents with ease. I learned some important lessons while... Continue Reading →

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