UX Job Resources

This weekend I met quite a few people who asked for UX job search resources. I decided to compile a list here for anyone who is interested, or searching for a UX job! I hope these resources help you on your journey into the best career of all time! 🙂 P.S. My company is hiring... Continue Reading →

I used to think it was just me, but it turns out tons of UX pros suffer from the same affliction: we can't help mentally redesigning everything around us. And you know what? It's not really an affliction, it's a gift. It's what makes us awesome at our jobs. We see the world in a... Continue Reading →

Does your job fuel your creative energy?

You know what I love about my job as a Content Strategist and UX Editor for our Product Design and Innovation team? Everything. One of my favorite aspects is definitely working with a team of incredibly creative, innovative people. We have photographers, print makers, font addicts, nature lovers, writers, painters, craft makers, house flippers, code... Continue Reading →

Accessibility: It Applies to Me Too?!

I had the opportunity to attend and present at the Penn State Web Conference this summer. It was a great conference with some amazing sessions. Karen McGrane did a keynote (amazing) and so did Cindy Li (amazing again). I may or may not have told Karen McGrane that she is brilliant and I love her... Continue Reading →

Make Your Legacy the Gift of Life

Have you ever experienced something so powerful and moving, that you had to really think about it for a while before you could put it into words? About 5 months ago, a dear friend of mine was quite literally fighting for her life. She had been for several years, but had finally hit the point... Continue Reading →

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