UX Thinking: It’s Contagious!

This past weekend my daughter and I walked into a restaurant and they had a napkin dispenser on the counter. When you tried to pull out a napkin, about 45 more came out with it. After attempting to use it for a second time with the same irritating result, my daughter looked up and said... Continue Reading →

I just had one of those extreme panic moments. I grabbed my morning cup of coffee, hit the power button on my Mac... and it spun and spun and spun and spun... and didn't boot. Thank goodness for Dropbox or I probably would have had a coronary on the spot. I legit felt like someone... Continue Reading →

So this definitely happened last week. A good friend bought a brand new car. I went for a ride in it for the first time: smooth ride, sexy interior, and the entire time I was analyzing ways they could have improved the layout of the digital controls, the cup holders and the seat adjustment apparatus.... Continue Reading →

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