UX Job Resources

This weekend I met quite a few people who asked for UX job search resources. I decided to compile a list here for anyone who is interested, or searching for a UX job! I hope these resources help you on your journey into the best career of all time! 🙂 P.S. My company is hiring... Continue Reading →

UX Professionals: Don’t Fear The Fakers

I've had several worrisome conversations lately with UX pros and even with students entering the industry who have expressed fear and concern that fakers are going to hijack the UX industry. The fakers they refer to are described as folks who are new to the industry who are self proclaimed experts. I have a few... Continue Reading →

Does your job fuel your creative energy?

You know what I love about my job as a Content Strategist and UX Editor for our Product Design and Innovation team? Everything. One of my favorite aspects is definitely working with a team of incredibly creative, innovative people. We have photographers, print makers, font addicts, nature lovers, writers, painters, craft makers, house flippers, code... Continue Reading →

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