Texting Technology That Needs To Exist (Right Now!)

One dark day, I sent a text message. But it wasn’t just any text message, it was a text message that said, “Hey handsome! What are you doing for dinner?”

The message was intended for for my gentleman friend. I didn’t send it to him. I SENT IT TO MY MALE BOSS!

Oh the horror!

About 2 nanoseconds after I sent the text, I realized my mistake and started to panic. I was pacing around the room, broken out in a cold sweat, wondering if I’d have a job the next day. I kept thinking, “WHY IS THERE NO CONTROL Z FOR REAL LIFE!”

I knew that I was going to have to call him immediately to do damage control. I picked up the phone, and my text alert sound went off. The sinking feeling had reached my toes at this point.  I unlocked the home screen and cringed when I saw his name.

I opened his text and it said, “Umm… Jen… I don’t think this was meant for me.”

My heart was thumping. I was expecting a, “Get your stuff and get out!” message next. Instead he just said, “Oh, and I’m not sure what I’m doing for dinner.”

A feeling that was a combination of being mortified and relieved simultaneously flashed through my system.

I called him immediately and when he answered he was still laughing hysterically. I apologized about 473 times, and eventually we hung up.

There is a dead simple UX change that could have let me avoid this entire embarrassing situation:

Phone manufacturers across the world, I beg of you: PLEASE create a customizable option to display an “Are you sure you want to send this text to *insert recipient name here*?” alert!

I don’t want it to be mandatory for every single contact (that would be insanely annoying) but if I could opt to apply this alert to texts I sent to my boss, my VP and my mother, the feature would be worth its weight in gold.

So yeah, PLEASE make this a thing. A majority of the people on earth who own cell phones will thank you.

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