The Key To Business Success: Who Is The Heart Of Your Company?


I’ve worked at Schoolwires for the last 7.5 years, and I adore the place. I love the people, I love the culture, I love my job.

We were recently acquired, and someone asked me what made me love working for the company so much. After giving it a bunch of thought, I realized that I love working there because our company has a heart. And the heart lives in one of the senior staff members. And that senior staff member is our VP of Product Design and Innovation, Jason Coudriet.

They say that positive energy filters down from the top, it’s true. I started at Schoolwires 7.5 years ago, and even then all of the employees in our little start up could feel that Jay was the central driving force of the entire company. His vision, innovation and talent guided our company into the future, into the incredible success that we’re experiencing today.

Some people have an eye for selecting team members who will be self driven to succeed. Jay embodies that skill set. He makes sure that every member of his department knows with 100% certainty that they were selected to join his team because they are experts in their fields. And when that comes from the top, a feeling of mutual peer respect filters down throughout all of the team members. Even when there are personality conflicts, they don’t escalate, because the level of peer respect trumps it all.

His values, and passion for his craft are contagious. His empathy makes him an amazing leader, and his ability to push people past their comfort zones to help them succeed, in a supportive way rather than a perform or you’re fired way, causes his employees to give 1000% every single day.  We give 1000%, and simultaneously we all LOVE our jobs.

You could have the best product idea in the world, but if your company is missing its heart, you’ll have constant turnover and a group of remaining employees who only put forth a mediocre effort, and turn out mediocre products.

If you want to be successful long term… you need to find a heart that will beat life and inspiration and creativity into every corner of your company. Find that person, and you’re guaranteed long term success.

2 thoughts on “The Key To Business Success: Who Is The Heart Of Your Company?

  1. I agree 100 percent! Jay has been the biggest advocate of my career and has inspired me to be better every day. He’s an amazing example of leading with confidence in his people and empowering them. His confidence in me and his encouragement have made such a huge difference in my career! I’m so thankful that I get to work alongside him and the amazing team he’s put together.

    1. Thank you for the warm message! As Jen mentioned, we kinda have a knack for finding amazing people. Considering the team we have now, I would say we’ve done an awesome job!

      It has been pleasure watching you grow into a brilliant and talented designer! The sky is the limit for you!

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