When Will This Madness Stop? (Not a tech post.)

Every time there is a school shooting, this question seems to surface: “When will this madness stop?”

I’ll tell you when the madness will stop:

  • When the media stops idolizing school shooters.
  • When TV shows stop idolizing serial killers and murderers.
  • When video games are no longer focused on killing and blowing things up.
  • When rappers stop singing about killing each other.
  • When all children have perfect home lives and zero stress.
  • When poverty and hunger are abolished.
  • When mental illness disappears from the earth.
  • When wars and violent uprisings stop occurring.
  • When people feel safe enough to no longer need guns and other weapons to protect themselves.
  • When all humans are all tolerant of one another’s differences.
  • When we have achieved world peace.

When all of these things come together at once, the violence will end.

So, never. It will never end.

What can we do to help the situation while we wait for world peace and nirvana to strike?

  • We can love our kids, and the kids we meet who need help.
  • We can teach them to respect other humans. All other humans, not just humans who look and act like them, or whose household incomes fall into the same tax bracket.
  • We can teach our kids to stand up for what they know is right.
  • We can be kind to others & lead by example.
  • We can volunteer to help those in need.
  • We can reach out to people who are hurting and let them know that they are not alone.
  • We can refer people with mental health issues to the help that they need.
  • We can genuinely care for one another.

Love your kids, and teach them to value life. We can’t change the entire world at once, but we can change the world one child at a time.

That’s all I have to say. I will now return to my regularly scheduled UX blog posts.

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