Coolest Cooler: Perfect Example of Innovative Design



I’m officially in love with the Coolest cooler! You’ve gotta check it out on Kickstarter!

Reasons I adore this thing:

1. They took a mega boring PIA item (cooler) and turned it into something that is incredibly useful, cool (ha!), and beautifully designed!

2. It’s chock full of amazing UX! There is unexpected delight around every corner!

3. They combined features that every person needs and wants during a camping trip/picnic in a fun innovative way! (It’s got a built in blender, it charges your cell phones via usb, it has a built in light, built in bluetooth speakers, a bottle opener, the list goes on!)

4. The advertising video is freaking adorable and hilarious! The whole project is just straight up brilliant.

I’m officially a fan, and will absolutely be ordering one of these bad boys. I heart Kickstarter so much! πŸ™‚




4 thoughts on “Coolest Cooler: Perfect Example of Innovative Design

  1. uxjobs247 says:

    That looks great. Sent my wife the info see if she will authorize the expenditure!

  2. uxjobs247 says:

    BTW My recent backing is:

    Ordered two one for my office and one for hers. She don’t know so don’t tell her.

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