Make Me A Website!


So my neighbor asked what I do for a living. I explained that I work for a software company on the product design team. His response?

“Awesome! So will you like, make me a website?”

My immediate thoughts:

1. I said, “product design” which isn’t even remotely close to what he’s asking for.

2. “Making a website” requires a killer website design, content strategy, great content, excellent UX , hosting, analytics and a plethora of other things. Judging by the way he said, “make me a website,” I think he was envisioning a mouse and magical fairy dust being involved.

3. I have a pretty sweet blog, but it’s hosted through WordPress with a pre-made theme applied because stick figures are the extent of my artistic prowess.

4. The dude legit didn’t know the difference between software product design and “making a website.” This made me sad and also made me want to sing songs about the multitudes of design disciplines that are out there. But I’m a little tone deaf, so I’ll just keep blogging instead (because I like you and value your auditory health.)

5. If I had said I was a goat farmer, would he have asked me to give him a goat?

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