Then my kiddo asked, How did you get your post to show up 1st in Google Search results?

Right this minute, if you type “mobile usability testing tools” into Google Search, an article I wrote last May pops up as the #1 link!

I got really excited about this, nerded out a little bit, and showed my daughter.

She said, “Whoa! How did you make it show up first like that?!”

Sooo… I decided to draw a quick sketch about SEO, quality content and search rankings.


Then I explained that SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

SEO can help the crawlers along, but killer content is definitely king.

Then she said she thinks it’s cool that our industry uses secret code names for everything. Lol. Maybe we should use less acronyms going forward. 🙂

Also, FYI, this is a pretty fab list of ways bloggers can improve SEO while using WordPress.

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