Top 5 Reasons We Conduct Usability Testing and User Research

Someone asked me recently why we do so much usability testing, simple prototyping, and user research throughout our design process.

Top 5 Reasons

1. We the designers are not our users.
2. Sometimes when you’re really close to a design, you lose sight of its flaws.
3. Folks don’t always use things the way you expected them too.
4. Usability feedback at the beginning of the design process can save you mad cash in otherwise wasted dev hours!
5. It lets your team focus on future innovations rather than redo’s of designs you “thought would go over well.”

Don’t guess what *might* work! Make usability testing, simple prototyping and user research the core of your design process, and watch your cash and your clients multiply!

We do remote usability testing, in house usability testing, A/B testing, simple prototyping, analytics usability analysis, support case analysis, and more… and it’s all worth its weight in gold! The insights you can gain and the cash you can save your business by applying those insights to your designs is incredible. Try it! You won’t be sorry!

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