Leapfrogging: Sales Suicide

I am a pretty laid back, happy-go-lucky person. I just had a potential vendor experience that was upsetting, however, and I thought I’d share it in hopes that it can save a sales rep from blowing a sale in the future.

Imagine for a moment, that you’re interviewing potential service providers. You see some great demos, then the holiday season strikes. You email your vendor contacts and tell them that you won’t be presenting your research findings until after the holidays, but that you’ll be in touch with updates as they occur.

Now imagine that most of the vendors’ sales reps are understanding, and send quick outreach emails during the first week of January to touch base, keeping in mind that folks are just getting back into the swing of things after possible holiday vacations.

Now imagine that one vendor’s sales rep emailed you while you were on vacation, then a week later that rep trolled your company email addresses and emailed you again, as well as another random member of your staff, mentioning he’s been working with the primary contact (you) and stating that he wants to know what’s going on with the review process.

Fatal Error: He emailed a UX designer who has nothing to do with the current stage of the review process, and simultaneously alienated the primary contact whose opinion of his entire brand then immediately tanked.

Leap frogging the primary contact and contacting miscellaneous other members of the organization blindly will erode any semblance of brand trust you’ve built during the sales demoing process, and it will very likely cost you the sale.

So again, in short: Leapfrogging a primary contact = sales suicide.

It’s a good idea to not do it. Ever.

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