Homepage Info Sliders… Please Go Away!

So I just went to a website, I won’t mention the name, and they had a rotating info banner on their homepage. And it was the primary source of information on their product.


Could we as an industry just agree to fill rotating banners with random bonus content that isn’t overly necessary since they are impossibly annoying to navigate? Toss some news updates or photos in there that aren’t critical to a person purchasing your product or service. Don’t put all of the most important info about your product or service in there and let it fly past your could have been customers.

Every usability study I’ve ever read about rotating info banners has stated that people generally hate them, and they find them distracting and unusable. I recently read a study about a company that took their rotating info banner away, added static content, and they saw a sizable increase in website initiated sales.  If I can find it again, I’ll add a link to the comments.

And they are terrible for accessibility! Tons of them just say, “Click here, click here.” But if a sight impaired visitor clicks enter, nothing happens!


I left the aforementioned site because the rotating banner was driving me nuts and keeping me from the information I had come to find.

If you must…

If your company or your client absolutely positively HAS to have a rotating info banner on their homepage (since, you know, they hate people, and money and customers and want them all to leave) and they REALLY want to put important product info in it, then could we at least agree that they should all pause on hover and have a pause button for both desktop and mobile viewers? There is nothing more irritating than going to a site, actually being interested in a rotating piece of content, and then having it fly past before you can finish reading it!

So 90’s!

I know they are wildly popular right now, but so were scrolling Java messages in the 90’s. We laugh and roll our eyes about those now, but somehow they have reincarnated themselves in the form of rotating informational banners!

So what do you think folks, can we banish the rotating info banners to the same shameful land that we sent scrolling Java messages?

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