Twitter Etiquette: How to Make a Huge Impact on Customer Satisfaction and Your Bottom Line in 140 Characters or Less

You know what makes me extremely happy? Brands that interact with their customers on Twitter. You may think, yeah yeah, we post things to our Twitter account all the time. I don’t mean “posting things to your Twitter account.” I’m talking legitimately interacting with your customers. I’ve made the following observations over the past few years, and thought I’d share them with companies who may not have yet grasped how powerful Twitter can be from not only a customer satisfaction standpoint, but from a financial standpoint.

How to Make a Huge Impact on Customer Satisfaction and Your Bottom Line in 140 Characters or Less

1. ALWAYS follow back.

There are about 90 bazillion companies on Twitter, all with their own branding and tweeting styles. If one of your customers elects to follow your company out of the bazillion companies available, you should feel honored. In fact, you should feel so honored that you should FOLLOW THEM BACK! There are tons of tools out there that allow people to see who they have followed that didn’t follow back, and you know what? It’s a little hurtful when that happens. If they are taking the time and energy to seek you out and follow you, the least you can do is follow back. And if you’re a ginormous company with a gazillion followers, there are services that will do the following back for you. Save yourself from hurting your customers feelings, follow back!

2. Interact with your customers!

If a customer takes the time to mention you in a nice tweet, reply with a thank you! Or at the very least favorite the tweet! It sounds silly, but a small action like favoriting a tweet your company has been mentioned in can have a HUGE impact on customer satisfaction and the way customers view your company! The inspiration for this post came from a company I had mentioned in a tweet, RTing my blog post to their 38k followers, and then another company I love replying to my tweet about the awesome research they are conducting! It seriously made my entire day! Every single time companies respond to me when I mention them in articles or tweets, I have the same reaction! Happiness! Satisfaction with the company and a transferred higher level of satisfaction with their product. Getting a response makes me feel like the companies really care about me as a customer. In 140 characters or less their response, RT, or favorite makes me even more invested in their product. Twitter interaction is a really simple way to reach out and say thanks to customers who support you! And let’s face it, without happy supportive customers, you’re out of business. So keeping customers happy is a win. And having the opportunity to do it for FREE on Twitter? It’s a no brainer. Embrace the opportunity to make your brand shine!

3. If someone mentions you in a raging tweet, reply to them and either try to make amends, or at least apologize!

So I mentioned thanking folks for nice tweets, now let’s talk about the power behind responding to upset folks. I recently decided to make a major appliance purchase and got a little heated when the store site didn’t work as I expected it to. I hopped on Twitter, and made a comment about my experience, and you know what? A team member from the gigantic appliance chain was a friend of a follower, and I wound up having the opportunity to speak directly to that person about my experience. I went from deciding that I would never ever shop at this particular store again, to spending a fairly large sum of money there because I was so pleased by the positive customer experience I had with the team member! Responding to tweets not only does wonders for customer satisfaction, it can also help your company make bank through what would have otherwise been missed opportunities! And the money adds up fast, even for larger corporations!

Twitter can be an exceptionally powerful tool for businesses to use to reach out and interact with customers! Don’t miss the opportunity to improve your customer satisfaction levels and make more money!!! 🙂

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