Replacing Photoshop on Mac: Meet Pixelmator

So Adobe just announced it’s official move to subscription based service. As a person who has loved and used Photoshop for about 13 years, I’m now being told that if I want to get the latest version I am going to have to pay $19.99 a month for the rest of my life. That may be ok for corporations who are funding their designer tool sets, and for professional photographers who buy every single update, but as a regular old person who enjoys photo editing as a hobby, I’m officially ticked off.

A coworker just introduced me to a photo editing program with an absolutely gorgeous UI, and I thought I’d share it with any of you who are equally irritated by Adobe’s move to subscription only plans.

For a grand total of $15.00 (that’s $15.00 EVER not $15.00 per month) you can land yourself a copy of Pixelmator. The best part? It edits .PSD files like a champ. I highly recommend checking it out! 

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