Card Sorting: How do I analyze all of this crazy data?!

So card sorting is totally hot right now. It sounds really simple, and for the most part it is.

You grab some cards, add the things you need to organize to the cards, then ask people to organize them in a way that makes sense to them. You take some pictures of the way they organized your things, and you’re done.

This process is incredibly simple, right up until the point that it comes time to analyze the card sort data. Then it suddenly becomes mind boggling. I recall looking at my pile of awesome pictures and thinking, “What in the world do I do with all of this now?!”

Enter stage left the amazing Donna Spencer (@maadonna) who has created the most incredible spreadsheet of all time, and she has shared it with the entire world. You enter your card sort data, and it magically turns it into beautiful percentages that actually make sense! She has even created instructions to get you going!

I’m about 100% sure that this spreadsheet has saved days of my life, so I wanted to make sure that you all know that it exists! Thank you for introducing me to this magic, Kelly Reese! πŸ™‚


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